About Us

Our passion for the roads led us to develop a solution for asphalt roads that over 32 years has applied more than 47 million square meters in 29 states of Mexico, prolonging its life.

Our History

Duro 3 was born as the product of a family initiative that began in 1987. The union of two generations of father and brothers and their passion for the roads led them to develop and patent a new revitalizer capable of fully protecting the pavement from the inside, offering the industry a product that solves the needs that no other treatment could achieve.

For more than 32 years and together with our collaborators, we have participated in countless projects for roads, highways, streets, avenues, parking lots and even runways, proving that it is cheaper to prevent than to re-pave.

Our Mission

Work to offer our clients solutions that represent savings through products with the highest technology and quality to improve and preserve the road and urban infrastructure, contributing in turn to the conservation of the environment.

Our Vision

To be the trusted business partner for cost-effective, durable, and easy-to-apply coatings.

Only the Best


Eco Friendly

Our product is applied cold, which helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, while taking care of the health of workers.


Simple Procedure

It is very quick and easy to apply. In one hour fifteen minutes it can be opened to vehicle traffic.


Approved Technology

Endorsed and approved product, with countless success stories and satisfied customers for more than 32 years.

Trabajador Duro3


Square meters



The application of Duro3 represents a saving since it preserves the good condition of the asphalt layer for up to 3 more years and extends the duration of the initial investment.

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    Hierro No. 9 Colonia San Pedro Xalostoc, Estado de México 55320

    (55) 5699-2900