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Duro3, repairs, revitalizes and beautifies your parking lot

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Our specialists go over the road surface to analyze the condition of the pavement and make a complete diagnosis of the physical condition and propose a solution

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Preserve your pavement for longer and save money with Duro3

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About us:

We are part of a company with more than 30 years of experience in the management of services and products that minimize investment in the maintenance of pavements for private, commercial or industrial use.



Potholes, cracks and sinkings from origin in asphalt floors and roads.



Through a seal coating for asphalt surfaces to the deepest layer, sealing it and covering it from inclement weather.



With our own brand of specialized paint for pavements and signs developed by highly trained technicians.


Other services:

Installation of studs and buoys, installation of vertical signs, pruning of trees and green areas and masonry work (curbs, streets stop bumps, etc.)

Asphalt pavement revitalizer

At Duro3 we work to prevent wear, repair and maintain parking lots and pavements.

We also have additional services to complement the particular needs of our clients.

We serve parking lots, industrial parks, subdivisions, avenues, streets, etc.

We have more than 30 years of experience

Duro3, revitalizing asphalt surfaces nationwide





Duro3 is the authorized applicator for seal coating with ASI revitalizer, endorsed and certified by the General Direction of Technical Services of the SCT

Customer Testimonial

“We can conclude that with the use of the sealant product, decreases in permeability are obtained in asphalt pavements that have crocodile skin type faults with areas that show moderate surface deterioration, cracking and potholes.”

Juan M. Orozco

Managing Director for the General Direction of Technical Services of the SCT

“The main track in 2009 presented potholes, cracks, and shelling, with the application of the ASI Revitalizer the deterioration of the pavement was stopped, reducing maintenance work to a minimum. After two years, an over pavement was made which was kept in excellent condition, so in 2015 ASI Revitalizer was only applied to the auxiliary runway, taxiways and platform, since the main runway had a good performance.”

Ing. Alberto Canales

Air Transport Coordinator, Plan de Guadalupe Airport in the City of Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila

“The appearance of small deteriorated areas was very little or almost null, in the contiguous ones a large number of deterioarations and potholes were observed that were opened.

After three years, a seal coat with Revitalizador ASI was applied again and up to 5 years after the first coating, it was rebuilt.

Reduction in the permeability of the section by approximately 95%, decreased the pothole and cracking that was being given to the section by 100%.”

Ing. Ignacio Delgado Márquez

Road from Malpaso to Jerez in Zacatecas, Mx.

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