What you should know about traffic paints

Jorge Pedraza
February 14, 2022
Road yellow lines

The vertical signs and markings on the pavement of highways, avenues and streets at the national level, have the objective of delimiting, guiding, directing and ordering the movement of vehicles and are essential to be able to establish effective traffic flow and above all to guarantee the safety of all users, whether they are drivers or pedestrians.

The materials used for the realization of said signage must be adequate so that its application is functional and above all, they comply with the quality requirements of the requesting institution. This is why, over the years, we have worked on the innovation of these products to improve their quality, effectiveness and life time.

The paints for markings on the pavement of Manufacturera de Pinturas de Señalamiento S.A. (MPS) comply with the specific quality standards of the SCT for its application in avenues, highways, parking lots, etc.

Our traffic paint aims to provide quality, ease and practicality and durability for signage anywhere. To provide security to users when traveling through each highway, avenue and street of our country. That is why whoever is in charge of a signage project for any space must make sure to use the paint that meets the specified quality.


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